Food Mindfulness #1

Kicking off a new blog topic, Food Mindfulness!

Had a chance last December to spend time to have a try at making pasta from scratch, something I have never done before. At first, the thought of starting with raw ingredients seemed daunting, but once the process started, I felt a boost of confidence and reassurance.

Slowing down the process of having a meal is definitely going to be my first Food Mindfulness tip.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it's made gave a powerful realization of how much we take for granted when we sit down to have a meal prepared for us, either at restaurants or at home. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, it's definitely an experience we all should have to learn more about the story behind the dish.

From four simple ingredients: Flour, Water, Olive Oil, and Eggs, I was able to hand make pasta noodles, ready to eat or store.

I encourage everyone to start their Food Mindfulness journey by slowing down the process.

Homemade pasta with only four ingredients, flour, egg, olive oil, and water. | Tel: 316.992.8447
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